Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey Supernatural Fans! Let's talk.

Hey Folks,

So I realized the other day that I should probably give everyone time to actually READ the Mythology of Supernatural book before I expect to you all to start sending me questions.

However, I also realized that now would probably be a good time to send out some prompts.

I want your questions, folks!

If you read the book and are wondering why I did or did not cover a particular topic, I want to hear about it.

Perhaps you have NOT bought/read the book because you are worried that it will just be more of the same? Or maybe you are thinking that it won't tell you anything you don't already know. Well ... ASK me about it, and I will let you know (I should say, I will let you know what topics are at least COVERED in the book, but I have to draw the line at spoilers).

So ... ask away, Supernatural fans! Misha Minions! J2 Disciples! a.k.a. whatever it is you choose to call yourself! I want to hear your questions!

Questions may be submitted here in the comments, or in the "Discussion" sections of my Amazon page:

And, as always, I would like to extend my love, thanks, and gratitude to everyone in the SPN fandom!

Without you, this book would not exist.

And I'm out like a Jefferson Starship,


  1. I did have one question for you. As a witch, ameture theologian, and paranormal investigator, what books would you recomend reading up on for demons/ology?

    Amanda North

  2. I'm currently reading The Mythology of Supernatural and I am digging it. Really good stuff.
    I do have a couple of questions. In Season 3, episode 12, Jus In Bello, Sam and Dean reveal tattoos on the left side of their chests as a way of protection from being possessed. Did you decide to research the symbol? Can you give any information about it?


  3. Thanks for your comments. I will start posting reponses next week.

    Nathan R Brown

  4. Another quickie before I'm out the door. I know fear and anger are easy 'gateways' demons can exploit for possession. But are there any personality types, quailites that make a person less likely to be possessed?



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