Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Mythology of Supernatural, Reader Question Response(s) #5

This installment of my Reader Question Response will be a bit of an omnibus. There have been a number of general questions I have received from readers over the last few months that have fairly simple answers, and don't really warrant separate blog posts.

Since all of the below Reader Questions are actually consolidations of various but similar questions asked by multiple readers, I won't be crediting the questions to anyone in particular as I usually do.

So, if one of these questions was/is yours, please do not be offended that I didn't call you out by name. That is not my intention... and feel free to claim it in the comments.

So, without further ado ... here are my responses.

Question 1: Will there be a new version/update to The Mythology of Supernatural?
To my knowledge, there are no current plans by the publisher to have me write a new version of the book. This doesn't mean it won't happen. It just means they haven't asked me to do one yet. Anything is possible, I guess. However, this is why I decided to post the Supernatural Updates here on my blog... just in case they don't. Also, just so you know ... if the publisher does ask me to write a new version of the book, I promise I will say "yes."

Question 2: When is your next book coming out?
To be honest, this has been a slow year (which is kind of nice, since last year was a bit crazy for me). However, I do have at least one semi-new title scheduled for release this year. The book will be my commercial rewrite of a text I originally worte for an academic audience: The Rape of Lilith. I will be rewriting this book, which is a comprehensive timeline that examines the mythical figure of Lilith from ancient mythology to her depictions in modern-day pop culture. As of right now, I plan to release the rewrite of The Rape of Lilith by october 15th 2012. I also have a new fiction project I am currently working on, and it's a concept that I am very excited about. Unfortunately, it's a bit too early for me to discuss any of the details here on the blog. When I get a bit closer to having a finished manuscript, I will see about posting some more info about that project. So it may be a month or two before I can really talk about it on the internet.

Question 3: Why haven't you done many lectures/public appearances this year?
Last year I did nearly a dozen public appearances, interviews, lectures, etc. ... which was far more than I had ever done... and I mean EVER... more than I had done in my entire previous career combined. And it really wiped me out. It was a lot of traveling and a lot of prep work, which kind of cut into my writing time. So I am trying to take it a bit easier this year. For now, I only have one appearance scheduled, for A-Kon 2012 in Dallas, TX (I will post more details about this as we get closer to the date). There have been some whispers about me attending Comic-Con San Diego this year at the Penguin/Berkley booth... but since there have been whispers about this for several years, and I have never actually been given a slot, I am trying not to get my hopes up.

Okay folks... these are my Reader Question Responses for now. I actually have a pretty cool mythology-related reader question that I plan to address later in the week.

Until then, stay cool my little chik-a-dees! Be well! And remember...

If you ever find yourself wondering "Why is that frisbee getting bigger?"
Don't think too hard and just be patient... it'll hit you.

As always, questions about the Mythology of Supernatural book and/or the mythology of something they have done on the show can be submitted to me here in the blog comments, in the "Discussion" section of my Amazon page (http://amazon.com/author/nathanrbrown), or via Tweet or DM on Twitter (Twitter ID: NatRBrown).