Monday, July 25, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik is NOT a Crusader

A crusader.

Anders Behring Breivik, the admitted shooter in the recent Oslo massacre, fancies himself a “crusader.”

He believes himself to be a modern-day Knight Templar (as he claims in a disturbing video he posted online sometime before the attacks), on a holy mission to liberate Europe from “Islamic Colonization” ... which he views as the hidden agenda of some sort of "Marxist" and “Multi-culturalist” conspiracy.

In his video he claims people like him need not fear death, as they are protected by the “armor of faith.”

And in the name of his so-called “crusade,” he detonated a bomb in an Oslo government office building … right next to Norwegian parliament. He wasn’t even on the premises.

With his bomb … a coward’s weapon of choice … he killed 8 people.

In addition to his “armor of faith,” Breivik wore a police officer’s uniform when, shortly after the bombing, he opened fire on a crowd of 700 teens at a Labor Party youth camp. Some of the panicked teens, at seeing his police uniform, apparently even ran to him for help … only to be gunned down by him.

Armed to the teeth … against what amounts to a crowd of unarmed children … and hiding behind a police officer's uniform … he killed 68 young people.

He surrendered to authorities, likely to avoid being shot/killed by them, and has even admitted to everything ... and yet he refuses to plead guilty in court, obviously planning to use a public trial as a forum with which to further promote his irrational psuedo-nationalist ideology.

Ander Behring Breivik fancies himself a crusader, a modern-day Knight Templar of European Christendom.

Let’s make this clear: This man is not a crusader. He is not a knight, Templar or otherwise. He is neither a liberator nor a soldier. He is not even worthy of being called a terrorist, in my opinion.

Ander Behring Breivik is a delusional, narcissistic coward … nothing more than a mass murderer hiding behind his bullshit manifesto and claim to divine authority, the same way he hid behind an officer’s uniform as he gunned down 68 unarmed teenagers.

What a sad and pathetic little man you are, Breivik. May justice be swift, and your punishment severe.


  1. I agree he is a delusional, narcissistic coward with a severe NPD

    His background fits the bill as he was 'mummy's boy' with an overindulgent mother (whom he both loved and loathed) and was emotionally rejected by his father throughout his life which culminated in an end to their relationship when he was 15 years. Both parents and his step mother seemed to have very 'liberal' left wing views - so maybe his 'narcissistic rage' at his mother and father was channeled into these 'right wing' views??

    Also worth considering how old these youths were at the labour party camp - the same age he was when rejected by his father completely at 15 yrs??

    Should parents be held accountable to some degree when they help create a malignant evil narcissist ?

  2. You bring up some very valid points of consideration. Thanks for the comment


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