Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Big Thank You! (The Mythology of Supernatural)

I just want to say "Thanks!" to all of those Supernatural fans and mythology readers who have helped to keep The Mythology of Supernatural in the Amazon top 50,000 for the last 20 days (though the book has actually spent most of that time among the TOP 20,000). And for a majority of this month, the book has been ranked among the top 100 in the Television book category!

What is blowing my mind is that the book does not even come out for 2 more weeks! I have never seen any of my previously published books have this much popularity before they even hit the shelves. The Supernatural fandom rocks! And I am thankful for every last one of you.

My most sincere thanks to all of you who have preordered the book, and even to those of you who are waiting until after the release date to buy it.

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