Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Mythology of Supernatural - My Last 2011 Appearance

Hey Folks,

First of all, so sorry for not getting that Osiris post up yet. I had an appearance in Amarillo, TX at the B&N over the weekend. When I got home, I came down ill for 3 days with strep throat (not fun). Sometimes, I find that being around groups of people puts me at risk for getting sick.

So, this is the first day I haven't been bedridden since I got back from the Amarillo trip and I have been playing catchup all day. However, I promise to do my darnedest to get that Osiris post up on the blog before tomorrow night's episode.

Speaking of today, I am finally feeling well enough to work (and the doc assures me I am no longer contagious).

And it's a good thing, too.

Tonight I will be speaking about The Mythology of Supernatural at the RICHARDSON PUBLIC LIBRARY (900 Civic Center Dr. Richardson, TX) from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. There will be a book sale and signing after the presentation. And, yes, I WILL sign books that are brought in.

FYI - I NEVER require readers to buy a book from me in order to have me sign it.

So... if you are one of my DFW/Garland/Plano/Richardson, TX peeps ... and you are not glued to the Rangers game ... please come out and see me.

It looks like tonight will be my last appearance for the 2011 year. No more have been scheduled until 2012.

All my love and thanks for your support!


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