Sunday, August 31, 2014

It Has Been Too Long... I Know (My Bad)

Feels like it has been a long time since I last posted a new blog entry. For that, I apologize. Life got crazy, as life tends to do. However, I felt I should do a brief post today to bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on with me... And my writing.

I recently finished the next installment in what I think may end up becoming a series of "Mythology of..." books for me: THE MYTHOLOGY OF GRIMM. This book, I hope, will be to the NBC show Grimm what THE MYTHOLOGY OF SUPERNATURAL was to that show--a fun, readable journey into the myths and folklore used to create the universe of the show.

While the Grimm book is already available for preorder on most of the online seller sites, such as Amazon, the book doesn't officially hit shelves until September 30th. Review copies have already been sent out to the usual bloggers and reviewers, and so far the responses have been positive.

Although I cannot mention any details right now, I'm currently working on book proposals for two more "Mythology of..." projects. One is for a new fandom (which, as already stated, I cannot specify at this time) and the second is for a fandom that already knows me. Here's a hint--PUDDING! Okay, please do not out me just yet, if you got that reference. I'm not supposed to be publicly talking about it, just yet, so I must ask that you please squee quietly and/or post comments that are as vague as humanly possible. For now, anyway.

Had a great con season this year! We had standing only sized crowds for all of my Supernatural panels at Dallas Akon, Miami Supercon, and Tampa Comic Con. Thanks to everyone who came out to see me, and my apologies to anyone who got turned away at the doors when we reached capacity (fire marshals have a job to do, after all, and they didn't want to create a fir hazard by overcrowding the rooms). If you enjoyed my panels, please let your respective cons know about it, so that hopefully they will allow us bigger rooms for next year's cons!

As always, I just want to offer a sincere and most heartfelt THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who reads my work! You constantly affirm my belief that I teach mythology to far more people as a writer than I EVER did as a professor. And I love all of you for that! Truly, I do!

I promise to post more updates in the coming weeks, as things progress, and I'll try my best not to let my blog collect so much dust from now on!

All my best,
Nathan Robert Brown
That Mythology Guy

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